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Individual project

During the two weeks leading up to the second session of the workshop, you are welcome to develop an independent project, putting into practice some of the techniques, themes and ideas discussed during the first session.

The individual project will consist of two walks. it is up to you to decide the location, duration and nature of the walk, but make sure you are at all times safe. Whilst carrying out your individual project, you are not covered by Public Liability Insurance.

First walk: The contemplative walk

The purpose of the first walk is to try out some of the things we covered in the workshop, but independently, within the city and in real time. The objective of this walk is to gather ideas / materials towards the second walk, and to give you walking time in which to develop your thoughts.

For the first walk you might like to consider things like:

  • Where are you going to walk?
  • How are you going to walk?
  • Will it be a planned route or will it be improvised, perhaps following a set of rules you might want to set for yourself?
  • What will you wear?
  • What will you carry?
  • Where does your idea for the walk come from?
  • Is it related to any other aspects of your life / work / interests?
  • How are you going to keep a record of the walk?

Second walk: The active walk

On the second walk you should be ready to take forward some of the ideas produced during the first walk. You will devise and execute a walking piece that will leave some form of mark on the city. You might want to leave a mark on the physical environment, or perhaps you will leave a trace in the memory of the people you might interact with.

For the second walk you might like to consider the same issues as for the first walk, and additionally:

  • Do you want to do something bold or subtle, to be very visible or to go unnoticed?
  • Will it be silent or is sound important?
  • Will you be doing something that could be illegal, or attract unwanted attention?
  • Are there any external factors that could affect the piece (for example: weather)?
  • Do you need to seek any permissions or inform someone of your plans?
  • Do you need any help from others, for example to document, or to participate?
  • How are you going to brief them, organise them and reward them for their help?
  • If someone asks you what are you doing, what response will you give?

Documenting your walks

Enclosed in your info pack you will find 2 A4 sheets of High Grade white paper (200 gm). The paper is suitable for colour printing and copying in all types of printers and copiers, but for optimum results use laser.

Please use these sheets to bring back to the group a representation of each of your walks. You can think of each sheet as a space to display documentation, or you might want to create an original work that somehow re-creates the walk in a different format or medium.

It is important that you think carefully of the distinction between pure documentation and documentation as the work.

You have total freedom to decide what to do with the 2 sheets of paper. Each one of them is labeled at the back with the name of the walk, and a space for you to add your name etc. This is for the purposes of identification, as all the pieces will be displayed together on the second session of the workshop.

The second workshop session will start with participants pinning up their A4 sheets around the room, followed by a group feedback session. If you would like some individual feedback, please stay on after the session is finished.

Art and Walking weblog

During the two weeks’ intermission, workshop participants are encouraged to add content to this weblog. You are welcome to use the website as a tool for documenting, tracking or even making the work. If you plan to add lots of content to the site, please discuss your requirements in advance with the course leader.

Check out the Contribute page to find out how to publish to this web blog.


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